Watch Now! Sean Cunningham @ Campaign US TECH Talk: The Race to Find TV’s New Currency
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Campaign US TECH Talks: Tuning in to TV Measurement

Sean Cunningham, VAB President & CEO, shares what’s happening in the measurement space and how far we are on the road to adopting new currencies.

Monday, April 17, 2023

New vendors and approaches to Nielsen are continuing to shape a new era in the measurement marketplace. As more media companies work with a growing list of alternative measurement providers both as their main and secondary currencies, optionality is increasing. That means marketers have more choice than ever to control their own brand's destiny.

During this Campaign US Tech Talk, Sean Cunningham and measurement providers discuss currency alternatives and performance comparison across different channels and formats. 

Watch VAB's session below with President & CEO Sean Cunningham, or read about the session here

With Nielsen’s MRC accreditation still revoked, which measurement providers are coming to the forefront during this year’s upfront? Media companies work with a growing list of measurement providers now, increasing fragmentation. How can they compare performance across different channels and formats? How far away are we from true omnichannel measurement?


Sean Cunningham, CEO and president, VAB

Samantha Rose, EVP media investment, Horizon Media

Maggie Zhang, SVP of measurement strategy and operations, NBCUniversal

Sean Fasset, SVP research, NextStar National Networks

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