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VAB Leading Conversations

VideoNuze CTV Advertising Summit

VAB's Danielle DeLauro talks with industry experts on the biggest opportunities and challenges in Connected TV.

June 8, 2023

Learn from senior executives and thought leaders who will share their insights about the multibllion-dollar Connected TV advertising industry.

Connected TV advertising is transforming the industry. Most of the $21 billion+ spent in 2023 on CTV - in the U.S. alone - is “upper funnel.” Long term, CTV’s opportunity is “full funnel,” with highly-targeted and interactive ads that are fully measurable, and their impact fully attributable. Digital advertising’s biggest players are appropriate benchmarks when sizing CTV advertising’s eventual opportunity. The primary questions now are: Which companies will get which slices of this massive pie, and why?

Join VideoNuze’s fourth annual CTV Advertising Summit for a critical afternoon of insights and data from the industry’s leading executives that will help companies succeed in CTV advertising.


Inside CTV’s Biggest Opportunities and Challenges - The Three-Year Perspective

With nearly 9 in 10 U.S. homes now having at least one CTV device and adoption in other countries rapidly growing, ad-supported streaming services proliferating and brands hungry to replace lost linear TV impressions, the CTV advertising has become the hottest sector of the ad market. Go inside all the key CTV advertising trends with senior industry leaders who will explore the biggest opportunities and challenges over the next 2-3 years.


Danielle DeLauro



Tom St. John

Head of Partnerships


Darren Olive

President, Sales and Strategy


Justin Fromm

Head of Insights


Stacie Danzis

SVP, Digital Ad Sales


Laurie Crowley

SVP, Group Director, Investment

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